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Conservative Life

Koach is the Conservative movement at Rutgers Hillel. With a name meaning “strength,” Koach provides a foundation for any Jewish student looking to stay connected to their Jewish roots on campus. The community provides student-led Shabbat services every Friday evening, and once or twice a month on Shabbat morning. Other programming includes Kosher Fat Sandwich Night, our annual event for which we are most famous, as well as onegs, Shabbat lunches, educational speakers from the national Jewish community and other events with lots of delicious food! This year, we ran an “Everything Apples” event for Rosh Hashanah and a “Hanukkah Dessert Buffet.” koachWhether you find your connection religiously or socially, Koach caters to you!
Don’t hesitate to contact the Koach/Conservative community leaders for more information or if you have questions about Jewish life at RU!

Koach/Conservative Board

Jaclyn Platt
Jacob Holdowsky


Check us out on facebook at the group “KOACH”