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Center for Israel Engagement


Rutgers Hillel Center of Israel Engagement

Driven by a core belief that a positive connection to Israel is essential for a strong, healthy Jewish identity, Rutgers Hillel Center for Israel Engagement (RHCIE) seeks to be a model for excellence in Israel engagement, education, and advocacy on campus.

RHCIE operates under a specific theory of change:  That there is a positive correlation between the level of pro-Israel accumulated knowledge and the level of engagement in Israel advocacy.   Increased Israel knowledge and advocacy will create a campus environment favorable to Israel, and reduce the impact of anti-Israel hostility activities. Successful Israel advocacy is dependent on a vibrant pro-Israel community. Therefore, RHCIE will use tools of community organizing to reach Rutgers University’s Jewish community.

Our approach is based on the latest national research, adapted to our campus in conjunction with student leaders: To promote the spirit of Israelis, a people that despite difficult circumstances, have managed to go above and beyond in their contributions to humankind. On campus and beyond, the RHCIE will provide the Jewish community with student leaders who are capable, passionate, and motivated agents of change.

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