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Jewish Artists and Activists

Welcome to the one and only Jewish Artist & Activist Community at Rutgers! This is a community, network, and group of friends NEW for the 2013-2014 academic year! WHY: As a Reform Jew on campus, I had not found a community where I could explore being Jewish within the contexts of what I’m most passionate …

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Kol Halayla

Kol Halayla Kol Halayla is Hebrew for “the voice of the night”, but here at Rutgers it means the Voice of the (Scarlet) Knight. Kol Halayla was first founded in 1995 under the name “Koleinu” as Rutgers’ first co-ed a cappella group and is still the only Jewish a cappella group on campus. We perform …

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SHEM Productions

Are you interested in theater? Do you wish to maintain a religious lifestyle on campus? SHEM is a theater company designed to cater to all Rutgers students, no matter what their beliefs are! How did SHEM get its name? The Hebrew word “Shem” means name.  A name is part of your identity and who you are. …

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