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On and Off Campus Housing

stairsOff Campus Housing:

Rutgers University Off-Campus Housing Service (OCHS) is here to help students, faculty, staff and other Rutgers community members interested in living off campus by providing online resources and educational programming. They provide tips and information about off-campus living including understanding leases, security deposits, and rental responsibilities.

OCHS provides an online listing of rental properties submitted by local, private landlords and apartment complexes. This resource is helpful for tenants searching for off-campus housing to connect with landlords who are interested in renting their residences to the Rutgers community. Listings for roommates are also available in the online listing.

For more information, see the Rutgers Off Campus website at http://ruoffcampus.rutgers.edu/


On Campus Housing:

Rutgers has many dorm buildings available to students, and will also provide “Shabbat Keys” to those students who need them. Information about housing will be available to students upon admission to Rutgers.

For information about housing options close to the campus Jewish community or for help finding a roommate, please contact Sara Frieberg at [email protected].