Mental Health Dialogue: Empathy and Building a Caring Community

September 12, 2017 @ 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
MAILTO:[email protected]

We’ll begin with some texts to spark thought and discussion. Then, watch testimonies of people our own age who deal with mental health disorders every day. Get an inside look at their lives and discuss how we, as a community, can support those impacted by mental illness, help eliminate the harmful stigma that surrounds mental illness, and create a more caring community. SNACKS GALORE. All are welcome!

This event is part of the Project to Promote Mental Health Dialogue at Rutgers Hillel.
Join us at this or any Mental Health Dialogue event to:
-Learn more about mental health and mental illness
-Share questions, thoughts, and experiences
-Ensure that Hillel is a welcoming and supportive community for students impacted by mental illness
-Diminish mental health stigma
-Discuss how Jewish beliefs, practices and culture relate to mental health
-Study Jewish texts related to mental health
-Contribute your ideas and interests and to help build this new initiative

Feel free to contact Gilana (see below) with any questions!

Contact: Gilana Levavi
Email: [email protected]